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Spinning Wheel Suggestions, ideas, etc.

Dear gurus....

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Allegan (Michigan) Fiber Festival Just Around the Corner

Anyone going?

I'd love to meet some of you.....


Grace and Peace,

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A Stupid Question about RS and WS

OK, I can't quite seem to figure this out. I get this there is a RS (Right Side) and a WS (Wrong Side) of knitting. I also get that the go back and forth (i.e.

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HELP: Fan Kimono by Vicki Square

I’m trying to start up the Fan Kimono by Vicki Square out of the book "Knit Kimono" (pg. 86) and have a couple of questions… Can any of you answer them for me?

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Easy Toe-Up Sock

Several of you helped me test the pattern, as I finished writing it.

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Vest pattern suggestion?

Dear Friends,

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Knit.1 Winners!

Congratulations to:
nre9050424, and

You are the three winners of the 12 people who contacted me with interest.

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A Gift for You (3 of you anyhow)

Here's the deal. Our LYS had a sale this week and in their "$1 patterns" pile, they had three copies of the "Vogue Knitting K.1 men's issue" from Fall/Winter 2005.

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Allegan (Michigan) Fiber Festival - August 16-17

The Michigan Fiber Festival Catalog came today and I was wondering... anyone interested in a MenWhoKnit meet up?

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Any Central-Iowa people and/or Ragbrai Bicyclists Out There?

It's official. My little team got picked in the lottery for Ragbrai again this year (for the 2nd year).