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Jock strap Pattern

I am looking for a free jockstrap pattern could anyone please help me

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First knitting project finished!!!!!

I finished my entrelac scarf!!!!! It turned out better than I thought I really like it now. I used Red Heart Soft yarn. The color is Waterscape. Some people were asking me if I watched any videos the answer is yes I did before I started these are the ones i watched it is a 2 part video:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Pics will not attach?????

no pics will attach is something wrong???

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My first knitting project still working on it

Had to share. Not done with it but wanted to see what y'all thought.....
It will only attach one of the pics hope y'all can see it well enough

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New knitter in Atlanta GA

Hey guys I am 31 years old and gay hoping to find knitting groups in my area.