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Knitted Mystery

Hope all is well with everyone. This is a photo of something I knitted and is so strange, just wondering if any members here want to take a guess at what it may be.

I will post a picture of the object in a few days.

Socks again

Hi everyone!
Here is the group photo of some of my socks that I said I was going to post. My preferences for knitting my socks is two at a time on the magic loop. I usually use my Knit Picks fixed circular needle 47" Size 1(2.25mm) for the main body of the sock, and then I switch to size 0(2.00mm) Double Point Needles for the ribbing.

My kitty pi is a hit

Hi everyone, Another project that I knitted awhile ago, the kittens like it.
I used three yarns held together as one throughout the pattern. I hoped this would give some extra cushioning for the cats and kittens. I had to make this out of acrylic yarn as our cats hiss at any other animal fiber, lucky for me they never get near my wool yarns.