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2012 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat - Scholarship Nominations

Hey Guys...today is the last day to nominate someone for a scholarship.

There are still about 10 beds left for the event (after scholarship winners!) for anyone that was still hoping to register.

Nominate someone here.

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2012 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat

For the guys who haven't already heard, registration for this year's Men's Spring Knitting Retreat is now open:


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Accepting Scholarship Nominations - Men's Spring Knitting Retreat 2011

Hey Guys,

We've already received our first nomination for a scholarship for one of the guys on here (written by one of own as well!).

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Auctioning off Knitting Things

Hey guys...I forgot to mention in my post the other day about the men's spring knitting retreat.

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Long-Time, No Post

I just realized I haven't posted to this wonderful community since January (other than comments to others' postings), so I figured it was time for an update. I didn't quite realize how much I had to report until I looked through my blog.

So...since my last personal post here, I have knit the following:

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2010 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat

Hey guys...I know most of you know this information already, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't leave anyone out in notifying them that registration is now open for this years East Coast Men's Kn

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2010 Has Already Started Out Hectic!

The guys on this list never cease to amaze me...I have been loving getting caught up on all the reading I missed over the last couple of weeks.

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Men's Knitting Retreats

Just thought I'd provide an update on the most recent East Coast Men's Spring Knitting Retreat, and let everyone know about my plans for the West Coast Men's Fall Knitting Retreat...in reverse order.

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Two Months of Knitting

Here is my latest completed project. Other than a sock (which I have to rip out) I have knitted on very little else than this for two months.