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Bridge collapse

As most know, we in Minneapolis/St Paul metro and outlying area are still waiting to hear if loved ones and friends are alright after the bridge collapsed yesterday in rush hour traffic.

New stuff

Plans to up load pics are still on hold due to technical difficulties...nonetheless, I have stepped away from my circulars and dpns to learn some new techniques. Currently knitting a scarf (oddly, the first one) in a Feather and Fan pattern. Simple lace . Pattern truely isn't difficult, but, the caveat would be that simplicity paired with accuracy = success. So far, I am on my 6th version. Knit, discover, destroy, rinse, and repeat as necessary. I am learning tons, so, this is ultimately good. The yarn I'm using is really a beautiful handpainted superfine merino in deep blue and purple gradations by Dream in Color. It's a lovely yarn, and, gratefully, sturdy as it is holding up well under the repeated frogging and knitting. This attempt is doing well, so, with luck and perseverence....Who knows? I might well get it done in time for winter birthdays that seem wa-a-ay too close at the speed I'm going. Ahh well. I still have my cache of beanies in reserve......


Modest but steady. I completed a hat down to the last stitch reduction on dpns. Hat #2 is on the needles. YEE-HAH!!Thanks to all who gave help/encouragement.


OK - I have created and destroyed (less dramatically, just plain unravelled) a couple attempts at hats because I cannot get it thru my thick skull how to work with dpns. The magic loop is not up for discussion, as I do not get it at, the dpns are where I need to focus. Suggestions? I'm feeling less and less sure of my knitting skills and feeling like an idiot!! Thanks-

Magic loop vs tragic loop

I had never intended to use this venue to expose myself as (keep reading, it's duller than you might think) having learning disabilities, but, ehh...there it is. Where most of my brain is richly crennelated and pumped with crackling neurons, a particularly vital part is smooth, flat and quiet. It's the part needed to spatially manipulate and translate instructions. So - I watched the linked video to see how to do the magic loop. Cool. The woman teaching it sounds so calm and confident. The demo looked effortless. And armed with this, I tried for about an hour to replicate what she did. With amused horror, I watched as my yarn grew into A Thing With Two Heads just before morphing into its final form as The Blob. And that, I suspect, is why cheap yarn is made....anyhow. I will continue to pursue this skill, however, I may found a support group for those of us for whom technical directions first present themselves as heiroglyphics. More to follow....


Cruising into my 12th hour as a member, I will start this blog, see where it goes and assess a bit later. As my intro stated, I've been knitting uhh, maybe 2 months. I have mastered dishrags, using them to figure out gauge and textures. Love doing seed stitch and ribbing, but, face it, it's early days and much yet to learn. My first real product was a stocking cap made from some Jamison wool, worsted, I believe. All went swimmingly until I hit the part where my circulars were too big and there was no way to continue. My instructor (aka Jan, my good friend) probably did tell me about transferring to dpns, but, well, I didn't retain that. So, I made an executive decision to end it where it was, and, fortunately, I can wear it and it looks great, though somewhat truncated... A decent first project. The learning curve is steep, as it should be. I downloaded a free pattern from a blog on for a London Beanie ( like David Beckham wears - woo-Hoo!) and that will be the next project. comments welcome. I am just relieved to find that there are so many men who knit. Go figure. I never suspected....