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Ulnar nerve injury--Excercises?

Can anyone recommend excercises for an injured left ulnar nerve? I must have injured it sleeping, and it has taken almost 12 hrs to get back some function. Thanks for any tips!


Recyling a vest for my younger son from third grade into a sweater for his high school senior year. Since he now is 6'3", I added the yarn I had bought at the same time for a sweater for his brother, which I never did knit. The boys chose the yarn, Marr Haven, themselves when we visited the farm near Allegan, MI.

Bulgarian folk knits

April in Bulgaria is great for knitter tourists. I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier; the "shout box" shows me someone could have used it.

Follow up to Midieval cap (Wimple?) patterns

"Little Devil" by MayaB is a PDF file in English that can be found on Ravelry or at http://www.maya-b.com/files/littledevil.pdf.

Web mavens -- do you have a solution?

Help! My work firewall started blocking a great knitting resource, Asplund knits blog, and all the blogs linked to it. Is there commonly a "back entrance" work-around in cases like this?

Cute knitted video

Link to science and knitting web article

Check it out! http://2020science.org/2010/07/25/knitting-science/#more-3464

Central Asian Slippers

Years ago Russians handed me slippers made by their mom from Fergana valley in Uzbekistan.

Racing cap

Ard Schenk won the Olympic speedskating gold medal in 1972 and all the boys in Holland wore caps similar to his; this 'Papingmuts' style had been popular at least since the 1930's.

First BSJ

I knit this for my friends' granddaughter. They claim that she has been studying Renaissance painting on her own.