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Hey, guys -

Haven't been on this site in several years. Actually quite happy that it's still around. I updated my Instagram photo link. Sorry if you've tried to visit that page and couldn't get to it. I forgot to update the link a few years ago when I changed it; sorry :-( Drop by it and say hello/follow and I'll follow back. Thanks, guys.


Happy Memorial Day, everyone. To the men on here who has or is currently serving our country, thank you.

My younger sister's favorite color is neon green. Now that neon colors are back in for the moment, I found a colorway at Knit Picks that she would like.


For everyone celebrating, Happy Easter and for those who do not, Happy Day! I haven't been commenting lately, but I have really enjoyed reading and seeing what everyone has been sharing. You guys are truly an inspiration. These socks are for my older sister made from some left-over yarn from when I knitted her the Adamas Shawl. Aqua blue is her favorite color and this was the closest I could find in sock weight yarn. I have a pair of neon green (her favorite color) socks on the needles for my younger sister. Anyhoo, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


I finished this pair of socks for my friend, Alyson. I’ve been working on my Summit Shawl (Wrap), but took a break from it so that I could do her socks. I’ve been promising her a pair, so thought that I would get them done so that she can wear them while the weather is cold. I didn’t realize that Lion Brand’s Sock yarn was considered sport weight; at least that’s what Ravelry said when I plugged in the information for the yarn. I don’t see anywhere on the lable that it is. I hope this didn’t throw off my gauge. I think they’ll still fit her, though.


The hat and socks are dried and blocked. I'm okay with how they both turned out. The only thing I would do differently with the hat is, I would take the ribbing down to 1.5 inches instead of the 2.5 inches that it is. Since I will only be wearing the hat when I'm out exercising (walking), I'm not really that concerned about it. I tend to like my hats to be form fitting on the head (more like a Beanie) instead of baggy. As far a the socks go, I'll try and get Mark to send me a picture of him wearing these socks like he did the first ones I knit for him.


Here's the hat I finished tonight. Just washed it and now it's blocking. Since I don't have a dummy head to block it on, I thought that the balloon would do the trick.

The socks, of course, are blocking on sock blockers. These will also be for my friend, Mark. They were finished a couple of nights ago, but have been waiting to finish the hat before I washed and blocked both projects.


So, what are you guys working on this weekend? I have two things currently on the needles that I’m working on. One is another pair of socks for my friend Mark. I think I like this yarn better than the yarn I used for the other pair I knit for him. The other thing I’m working on is a hat in left-over sock weight yarn. Since I’ve never used this weight for a hat before, I thought that I would never get through the K2, P2 ribbing. I use a software program called The Hat Wizard and it called for 2.5 inches of ribbing. I’m not crazy about the length of ribbing in this one.