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"Messages" down? UPDATE

August 20, 2015--The message about unable to send e-mail is still showing up. However, the green message "Message sent to ..." is there. Is the private message system separate from the e-mail links, or what? Sorry to belabor this but I want to be assured my private messages are going through.

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Socks are finally done

Oh my how socks can take a long time when you don't work on them everyday. I started these socks about 4 months ago and after a year-long study of socks, I lost interest midway through the first sock. I'm sure you can all sympathize with how hard it was to push through the second sock. But, now I am confident that I can make socks holes...thanks to the Evil Sock Genius!

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Socks and Blanket

I knitted up the second Arne and Carlos sock yarn for myself. Also knitted two pairs of socks for my sisters as birthday gifts. I used 2.25 mm needles for all three pairs. 68 stitches for my socks and 60 for those of my sisters. I had some Briggs and Little sport left over from other projects and knitted up a blanket. I have made some in the past but they were about 60 inches square and didn't cover me from head to toe when napping.

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July Socks are done.

They were finished Sunday afternoon - July 19, 2015 - and were begun on June 28, 2015. Three weeks from start to finish...not bad for me. [Of course the second knit up faster as all the details were figured out...about a week.]

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Crochet help?

Hi Guys,

Pattern help

I've just finished this row for lace *k2, yo, k2tog*, repeat * till last 4sts, k1, m1r, k3
Then it show to work as for Lace Insert #1 (Rows 1-16)
When I go back to those instructions it reads it as k3, m1L, k2, *yo, k2tog, k2* repeat till the wrapped stitch.

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Halligarth Shawl....again!

Could someone give me some tips on adding the border to this shawl. Have all my live stitches on my circular needles, but for the life of me, can't figure out how to do the cast on of the 6 stitches to start the border....Help! (Please

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Monterey Bay

By any chance is there a men's knitting group in the Monterey Bay area?

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"June" socks are finished...finally.

The June socks took almost 2 months to get off the needles. However, that still keeps me in the game - for what that's worth.

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SF Men Knit

A little late to the game, but...there's a Men's Crafting Group that meets in the Castro on Sundays and Wednesdays. Sunday at Espressamente Illy on Market Street from 10:30a-3p, and Wednesdays at Church Street Cafe from 6p-9p. You can join the page on Fecebook: