My adventure with Queen Anne's Lace

My New Years resolution was to finish one really large project, with some yarn from my stash. I do have four other projects that I should be working on, but I really wanted to do this. I have been fooling with the idea of making one of MMario's amazing lace pieces for quite a while now, and have never found the proper yarn or pattern for something that I could see someone I know enjoying. I don't know many shawl-type women, and only one or two that I care about enough to make something this large for. After looking at about 50 patterns and starting three or four, I finally settled on the Queen Anne's Lace pattern, in Navy Blue lace weight baby alpaca. It will be interesting to block, I have beige carpets, so the navy should show the pattern well.

I am normally a tight knitter, so instead of the 8's the pattern calls for I decided to do it on 9's. After casting on and working the first three rows on size 4 dpns, I grabbed my trusty Boye interchangeables (I know, I hate them, but for most of the things I have done they have not had too many problems) and started knitting away. I got paid on Friday, and finally decided to spring for a 32" size 9 Addi Turbo Lace needle. I figure that I will make this pattern at least once more, and probably others like it, so it was worth the investment.

I got home and was starting to switch to the new needle when I realized that they were not the same size, I was a bit upset thinking that the package was wrong, or that I bought the wrong one. No such luck, I sized both needles I was working with, and realized that since the Boye interchangeables are not marked with a size I have been knitting with 10.5's rather than 9's. I have no idea where my size nine tips are and this is troubling. I really don't think that my change to the smaller needles is going to matter that least I hope. Oh, and for anyone wondering if the investment in Addi's is worth it, the answer is a most definite yes. I have done two rows in just a fraction of the time it took me to do half of one with the Boyes.

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1/26/2010: I finally finished the first chart! I spent the weekend helping a friend get ready to move and on Saturday she forced me to go to a Bridal show. The only good part was that some of the women got dressed up for it...normally one does not see those type of clothing by daylight, rather only at bars or frat parties. I walked around the whole time knitting, in the hopes that they would not try to talk to me. I am not the husband-to-be, nor the gay best friend, I am the best man; I don't shake my head and complain about the cost, and I don't gush over the flower arrangements, I give her directions when she is lost, again. I finally got tired of correcting people, so I just stopped and nodded when they talked to me about "our" wedding.

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Lace is very forgiving and blocking will most likely fix any problems that the needle discrepency might cause. Love the color by the way and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who uses markers in between repeats, it's so much easier to spot a missing yo that way. I love my Addis as well and they are well worth the bucks.

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It's a great pattern. You'll have fun with it and you'll end up with a beautiful shawl.

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I'm about to cast on for my first large lace piece, The Rose Trellis Shawl by Catherine Devine. Like you, I have so many other projects I need to work on, but you know how it goes! Good luck! The QAL is a beautiful pattern and will probably be my second shawl.

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What a nice color! The QAL is also on my list of projects...but I doubt it will be this year. I still have to finish my little Hemlock Ring Blanket!

Just the thought of Addis is a happy one. Like candy.

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Very lovely, Andrew. I love Addis and lace knitting. That shade of blue brings to mind a shawl I knit for a friend in light blue, edged in navy. She liked it so much she said she wanted to have it framed as a work of art. I tried to talk her out of it but, knowing Sherry, she probably did it after her move to New York. I also learned from experience to double check needle sizes before changing over; mine involved size 2 sock needles. Who'd have thought there were actually 3 different sizes in one category? -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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*grin* GO, Andrew!

YOu are now at the point that the repeats may get a little more interesting,individually; but the rows get longer. Still, it doesn't take much brainpower as whenever you repeat changes you get to repeat it 32 times before you have to think about changing it.

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