fairisle in the round

Good Morning all,

I'm knitting a beret for a friend's birthday - and am adapting a Rowan pattern (Katie beret) to knit in the round instead of flat. I realise that the pattern won't exactly match up each round as it would if I was knitting flat and although it won't show that much (it's a fine guage) I was wondering iof I can hiode the join. The pattern starts with stripes and has some squares followed by love hearts and anchors! You can have a look at the Rowan design here

Have a good week all - apparently, today's supposed to be the most depressing day of the year - it was on the radio!



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If you google "jogless join knitting" you'll get a whole bunch of resources for tutorials.

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I never bother with the jogs when I do Fair Isle tams. The knitting is at such a fine tension it is never seen. And many patterns have the row change in a field of plain colour.

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Hi David - I wouldn't even give it a second thought... just join and knit in the round, I wouldn't even worry about any jog. Good luck!!!