Oliver Sock Done

What you see in the first picture is the clever design that is on top of the foot. YOu can also see the nice seam illusion that it creates in the middle of the sole.
CapricanSock1FO (2)
This is a very interesting sock. This is not your sock for the timid as it is very intensive work on ssk and k2 tog. I have learned a lot making this sock, a lot about how I knit and how knitting stitches behave. I was even able to make a perfect Kitchener stitch.
CapricanSock1FO (4)
This is the number one sock, I will be starting sock number two after I come back from the Sunday errands.
I really enjoy the colorway that my friend made for me. Thanks for stopping by.
Pattern is Oliver on us 1 2.25 mm


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Andy, it came out perfectly! What an unusual construction. I think if I put so much time and effort into knitting socks like that I would be afraid to wear them!

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Once again, Andy, you've left me stunned and speechless. Those are amazing. I hope you bring them tomorrow night. I'd really love to get a close-up look at them. The seamwork, if that's what it is, is just gorgeous. I've never seen a sock like that. Man, I sure would love to be able to make something like that someday. !Que viva Caprica!

PS Really outstanding pictures and modeling too.

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That's an amazing sock!
...maybe we should have a sock class with Andy on Monday nights???

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That would be kind of sublime now, wouldn’t it? Extra sublime, actually. OK, so how would we go about talking him into it? Not that I’d have a whisper of a chance of keeping up with all of you. But it would be an awesome opportunity to sit in on.

I used the magic loop for the first time successfully today with some Lamb’s Pride Bulky and a 60-inch, size 10, Addi Turbo. I have no trouble whatsoever knitting with yarn (as opposed to twine) on the Addis. And I’m well glad of it. I’ve become an Addi convert, I think. This is in preparation for making a beer cozy. Which isn’t due till March but I figured I at least needed to be able to produce a good tube with no issues. Interestingly enough I learned the magic loop from a booklet that Andy gave me back when I first started knitting by the unventor of the magic loop, Sarah Hauschka.

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a 60-inch Addi Turbo to knit a beer cozy???
...isn't that overkill???
I know...you're using magic loop... but it just struck me as a bit much...
That's more cable than beer!!!

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Wow! That is a great sock! I guess you've mastered the ssk?


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it sort of scares me!!

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I love that heel! Is it a short row heel?

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Is a regular back and forth heel, slip one knit one kind of heel, followed by a slip first stitch , purl till the end style.

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Yes, these socks are fun to make. You will recall my Tree sock, and my Mom socks (posted within the last two years, I think). They both used a different method to construct the gusset (toe up) and the heel, and with a lot of the SSK and K2tog. It gets rather boring to do after awhile. I do prefer the heel flap, and like to do the slip stitch heel, and do it toe up. It just seems quite logical and comfortable for me to do it this way.

That is the most interesting colour! I have just spun some orange yarn, and I may have to do socks with them. Not really my colour, but it may be for someone!

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Looks great Andy. The Oliver Sock is one of my favorites, I've already made 2 pair for myself and feel the need to make another. The bias construction makes for a very form fitting sock that is awesome to wear.

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I can't even imagine attempting it! It looks marvelous!!!!

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Very nice, Andy. A perfect blend of color and technique. I haven't evolved beyond the usual top down, turned heel model but find myself intrigued by the various ways you can combine the heels, turnings, gussets, and toe treatments to add variety and spice. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Sold! I just downloaded the pattern, thanks for the link. I can't wait for a new sock challenge.