do any of you have a preference between kookaburra woolwash and eucalan woolwash? i am looking to give submersion blocking a try and was wondering if one product yielded better results over the other.


I've not tried or heard of either product sorry. 

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Always Eucolan!  No rinsing!!!Tongue out

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I always use 'Woolite'.

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oh, i didn't even think about woolite. i should check that out since it's more readily available for a much lower price. thanks for mentioning it!

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Any kind of good basic detergent will work very well.  If you have soft water, soap is good, only because it doesn't remove all the grease.  All the products will work well; it just depends on the finish and fragrance you prefer.

Somewheres I read that Woolite is not recommended for your good wool items.  I've never used it so can't really say.  I've also heard that Tide has sharp cutting surfaces in it to remove pills, but I don't think I want THAT touching my knitted goods!  When washing a fleece, I find Orvus to be best; it would work well (diluted) for the spun and knitted wool as well.  I've never thought much about it.  A product that rinses out easily and removes the dirt and soil is good enough for me!

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My Knitting Guild sells containers of Orvus Paste, which as TallGuy mentioned is used for washing fleeces as well as the actual sheep.  You use it very sparingly, I basically stick my fingertip in the container to the first knuckle and that coating is all I use for a wash basin. Plus I get if for $3 for a pint container, which appeals to my frugal nature.  More money to spend on yarn don't ya know. Smile

The general rule of thumb is, go with something gentle.  I was told by my first knitting instructor that Woolite is too harsh. So go with gentle and use sparingly.