Equinox Hat

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As you all know I am an avid Hat maker and another one of my hat Tapestry Crochet Hats is out, The Quinox. I wanted to use Auro 8 from Karabella, and with two skeins I was able to create this hat. Aurora 8 is a great yarn because is kind of cushy. There are 8 strands of yarn that make the thread and it works out nice. I definitely like Aurora 8 for hats because is nice and airy.
CelticSunVerOneSmall (3)

The other hat is created with fingering weight and it is a bit tighter to the skull, it is definitely a skull cap and required more rows and more yarn of course. The fingering yar was some yarn I got from EBay, It is definitely a sock yarn and it feels like superwash.
Equinox Cap
I have to thank everyone for their inspirational work which motivates me to create. There are more Tapestry Crochet Hats to come in the next few months, I hope to inspire you to make Hats in Knit Fashion, one thing is for sure, my hats are not for the timid, challenge yourself and have some fun.
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Very handsome hat, Andy. I am inspired but have quite a few hats already. Plus, I get them finished and am loathe to give them away. (Selfish me.) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful work, Andy! Will you give us a review of the yarn?

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Aurora 8 is a great yarn for hats, I have used it in many of my creations. I like it because is very cushony, I guess is the right wording, it feels like hollow and is very nice and soft. WHat I like is that is not a very dense like wool, the only drawback is it comes in small quantities. It is not very expensive in my opinion and crochets and knits nicely. Each strand is suppose to be made outo of 8 plies.

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Very nice work Andy. Inspiring for both knitters and crocheters alike!

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Beautiful! .....looking foward to seeing it tonight!

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Nice job Andy ,but then all your work is good. The one thing I have never tackled is a hat, probably because I have only started wearing a hat. It is on my agenda and your work is an inspiration.

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I always admire your hats Andy. I love making hats in both knit and crochet but I've never attempted those beautiful mosaic colors.

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Andy, your hats are just fantastic! Makes me want to learn to crochet!

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Aurora 8 is 100% Extrafine Merino wool (and therefore feels like wool!). The loft of the yarn is because it is probably a woolen spun yarn. This means, it has more air in the yarn, more spaces, which allows more give, or being cushiony. It springs back when you squeeze it. The 8 plies will make it longer wearing; Merino is a very fine fibre, which abrades easily when rubbed against a rough surface. But when a yarn has many plies, only a small portion is actually exposed to abrasion, and it can withstand more wear. Merino tends to want to be spun very fine, so 8 plies won't make it too thick at all. It will have excellent stitch definition because of the roundness of the yarn with all those plies. Aurora 8 by Karebella comes in 102 delicious colours! It is recommended to be knit up at 4.5 stitches per inch, which will make a very nice weight for next-to-skin sweaters and tops.

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Good review, TG- thanks!

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Beautiful hats Andy! I always admire your work and, like others, am inspired to learn tapestry crochet. Thanks for sharing. John

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Man do I love your Hats! They are truly works of Art! What I would do to get my hands on one!