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I want you to know that I don't just sit around idly all the time. I always have something I am working on in my hands, and that is usually my spinning on the CD spindle. Over Christmas, while visiting with Mom and family, I took some work with me. But I didn't have anything on the needles (that I wanted to work on), so the favourite travel companion is my CD spindle and some wool. They are easy to pack!

I have been spinning up a lot of grey and some white, and took along an 8 oz package of some nice white wool. While sitting around between meals (I was on vacation), I pick up my spindle so that I don't fall asleep. In that time, I was able to spin up my wool, and then plied it when I got home.

Here is a pic of the yarns I am going to use. I have two different shades of grey made up, but think I will go with the more mottled. I wanted to spin specifically for a special project this time, rather than just put my skeins away in another box. So these are going to be socks -- another of my favourite things to knit. Because I always spin 3-ply yarns, and because they are too thick for socks, I decided this time to make a 2-ply yarn. But I like a firm twist on sock yarns, still with some loft, which are not really compatible characteristics! But these are nice, and I think will work quite well.

Now all I need to do is get started!

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Gorgeous,TG! What breeds are these?

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I really like the grey ones! They all look great though.

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What wonderful work you have done. I admire your skill.

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Wow!!! That is some nice yarn/spinning. they are so round and smooth. My favorite type of yarn.

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Beautiful. I would so love to feel the finished socks made with these!

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Thanks for qualifying your first two sentences.

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Hadn't even crossed my mind. Had to go back and reread the original two lines. Now I'm sporting a naughty smile. Thanks, TomH!!!

Hi G!
I have yet to use handspun for socks because I so seldom do a 3 or more ply. I suppose if I 3 plied my lace yarns they might work. Have you done a 2 ply sock yarn before? and how long do the socks last if frequently worn. I go through a tremendous amount of handknit wool socks but that is using commercial wool yarn. I am very curious to know how long socks knit with your style of tight twist with a little loft will last. Keep me informed will you please?


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I have some handspun that I used in socks. Very fine, 2 ply. Not necessarily tight spun. Wore well. I used Size 0 needles to knit them up. I have begun ravelling out the original pair to reuse the wool for several pairs of shorter [near ankle length] ones. The finer, tighter gauge helps with the longevity of the socks. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.