Shawl Collars and Sweater Vests

So, here it is: my cabled sweater vest. All done, and quickly being broken in with wearing.

you can read more about it on my blog:

Thanks to everyone who helped me work this guy out! I feel like a budding designer with this thing, haha!

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Love the intertwined cables! there some silk in the has an interesting texture.
Beautifully designed!

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You're right that the wool has an interesting texture. It's Imperial Stock Ranch 100% wool, and it's very spongy. I'd heartily recommend this wool, except for the inordinate number of knots in one or both plies. I figured out how to deal with it via the felted join, but it was annoying to try to catch them all. Other than that, I love the wool! If you can find it, check it out.

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The shawl collar turned out beautifully. Did you have to do a lot of ripping back or did it just sort of fall into place? The sweater is lovely.

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Looks incredible! Great design!

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Lovely vest, it looks great.

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Really beautifully designed and done, Willy- I'm very impressed!

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Willy, I hate you!

I blew up your attatchments in the attempt to find a flaw and now I'm pissed.. couldn't find a one! Good work and a heck of a nice color! I honestly think that the collar makes the vest.

Jelous in Texas, and that don't happen too often...


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1Vest looks Great! and you look Great in it!

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It looks great, and I love the detail on the back!

Keep it up :-)

Grace and peace,

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You have an amazing sense of style and this is a perfect example.

Plus, you look great in the things you make...quite fine work.

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Really nice work, Willy. I like that cluster knot on the back. And the collar is very nice. I've been working on shawl collar designs based on the baby sweater I designed last summer. The ribbed version you have would be fun to adapt to my pattern as well. [So far, the variations I've come up with are all in garter stitch.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very good looking vest. Terrific job!

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Thank you, all! I'm delighted to have such positive responses from the likes of you!

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Love both the cables and the shawl collar Willy! That's really creative.

My favorite store-bought sweater is a button front, but I really like your shawl collar. I'll definitely look at making a full sweater similar to this if I can even vaguely figure out the cables.

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