Heather's Scarf Finished

This past week I completed Heather's Scarf. It turned out quite nice.

Heather's Scarf

This was a shell pattern that I used. I don't really know where I got the pattern. I still need to wash and block it. It should wash up and be quite soft as it is made out of Rayon.

Here is two other photos of the stitch pattern.

Closeup of Pattern

A better close up of the pattern

So, I will get this washed and blocked to see how it looks. It should look quite nice. I will chart the pattern after it is washed.

UPDATE: The yarn I used can be found here.


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Beautiful. what yarn is that?

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I updated the post with where you can find the yarn. :)


Ebay or Etsy!!!

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The colors work beautifully with that stitch pattern - really nice work!

It really is a beautiful classy looking scarf in person too. You did a great job. Way to go Brady!

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gorgeous pattern and colors!

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Fantastic colors. When I take my glasses off it looks like it's all beads, on the verge of being sparkley. That's a gorgeous yarn!

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Hey Brady, the scarf really turned out well. It looks beautiful!

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It should look quite nice, indeed! Well done. Beautiful, beautiful job. Nice work.

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Fantastic yarn choice!!!!! At first glance I thought that it was beaded! I'm envious... good work mister!

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I, too, thought it was beaded when I first saw it. It's a beautiful scarf and I love the colours.

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That is quite beautiful. There is such a blend of colors that it will be able to be worn with anything. Nice job. Love the stitch.

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That is such a lovely piece of work. Pattern and colour are wonderful.

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GROOVY! Love the pattern and yarn!


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That's lovely!
...might have to learn to crochet...

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Love this website- such beautiful yarns- thanks!!

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UhOh..I had to go and look at the website...I DON'T need more yarn...but the colours and prices are wonderful. ...love that wool/silk...

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I have the wool/silk in a red and blue. I haven't done anything with it.

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I know... I have a blue and white and a blue white and pink in my stash. Goodness... 1

This is so gorgeous! You fellas have the most beautiful yarn stashes!


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great stitch with that yarn. nicely done

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That is some nice crochet work, my friend. I hope Heather enjoys it very much. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.