My First Knitting Project

It has been a time since I have knitted my first project. I think it turned out very well considering a few things. The entire project was knit from the back stitch. The entire project was purled from a yarn under instead of the yarn over the needle. (I think, if I remember, that is the way to describe it.) The scarf curled. So, I put a single crochet around the edges and it seems to stop it for a bit.

And there it is after a slight blocking. I have since learned that blocking is one of the keys in getting something to look right. I didn't do this one quite right.

I think I am happy about this first project. I flipped the scarf over to look at the purl side. I like looking at things to see if stitches are even and to see if I screwed a stitch up.You can't really tell on this because of the color. But, it appears that things are even, for the most part.

Even though the technique is wrong, it wasn't a disaster I was thinking it may be.

As for this wool, I love it. It is a dream to work with. It is a Mountain Colors Mohair. I had very few problems. I have been buying more of that when I see it. I would love a nice fluffy blanket out of it.


albert's picture

It's beautiful- I love the patterning that the variegated yarn settled into- well done!

Bradferd's picture

Thanks... I may make one for myself.

WillyG's picture

Wait, did you use mohair for your first knitting project? You're a braver man than I; I have a beautiful skein someone gave me, and I'm still avoiding it.

Nice job! Are you going to model it for us?

Bradferd's picture

I do crochet quite a bit more than knitting so the fiber wasn't really an issue.

Sadly, I have already given it to grandpa. :)

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Extremely nice knitting. Since you were consistent as to how you formed your stitches, there shouldn't be much problem [as best I can tell] as to appearance and tension. The curling came about because of it being stockinette, but the simple crochet border tamed that and added a nice touch. Keep up the good work, you are off to a great start. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.