Cozy & 1st Chart Attempt

Well... I bought the Intwined software. It's REALLY easy to use. The problem is, I'm not particularly experienced with charts. So, attached is a copy of the bottle/can cozy pattern I worked up for the recent exchange and I've whipped up the chart.

I would LOVE it if someone who really "gets" charts would give it a look and see if I did it in a way that seems standard....

Otherwise, the pattern's free for the taking... enjoy!

EDT: Added "Bottle Cozy Chart - 2.jpg" --> Is this a better choice of cable graphics? Also, is it clearer if the repetition is just printed once (it's just the same thing repeated 4x around)?

EDT2: Here's what the software's "Key" looks like too...

Grace and Peace,

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Tim, at a quick looks fine.
Glad you like that software...I think it's great!

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Great beer cozies, Tim. Haven’t a clue about the charts. But the cozies look great. I’m still working on my own cozy for the cozy swap. This is my first “in the round” project and I’m still getting the hang of it. I’ve made about 6 or 7 so far but none that are really swappable yet. Tried it with the magic loop and now I’m trying it with dpns. Dpns seem to be working better for me. I’m just hoping that I don’t end up having to knit it flat and then seam it into a tube. That would be kind of embarrassing. Today’s the 3rd. 12 more days till the swap deadline. The tension mounts...

I like the cozies. A very practical ideal. I am not familiar with charts as yet but I am learning as it seems lace pattern designers like charts. It must be because one can imagine the pattern before creation. I am wondering if this software prints a legend of the symbols too. I'm sure that they are universal but for some of us, not me of course, that are not so universal maybe that would be helpful. I like it when there is a legend of symbols.



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yep, it can print a legend, I just didn't since I'd also written the pattern out longhand. Good point!

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I can tell you from experience - add in the legend.

Either style of chart works; some people prefer it one way , some the other. I would say when space is a concern use the abbreviated chart (such as for paper publication) and when space is less aconcern use the full chart.

I noticed the software has several systems of symbols - I've seen the one you used for the 2/2 front cross before.


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Hey Tim,

Is it supposed to be a plain cable 4 forward? I think the way the software is making it is a little off. Although my experience has been pretty limited with cable charts - I think it should look more like the C4F on this pattern at

It's one of the first charted cable patterns I've really worked with. From what I've seen, the charts should show the first 2 stitches as one bar that goes across the full 4 grid squares. Eeek... I'm having trouble explaining...

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Nope, you're making complete sense, I probably choose the wrong graphic.....

That's easy to follow Tim, and the cables are explained properly.

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Hmmm...I'v'e never seen that graphic used for the C4F (Cable 4 st with the first 2st brought foward), but the key explains it just right, and I could definitely follow the chart and get the same result you did.

BTW, I'm not usually a big fan of cozies, but I love the yarn you chose for the bottle cozy in the picture.

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Well, what's a bottle without a key????? A dry night, that's what! The pattern looks great and I agree with Bill, (I have to, he yells at me if I don't agree with him... he's so mean at times) , that this software works for you! Keep it up Tim!

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Just for the record...
I have never yelled at Chris.
I've always considered him a fragile Southern Belle....and you know how difficult they can be!
(under that sweet exterior is a steel fist)

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I fess up... Bill has never yelled at me..... HE BEATS ME!!!!!!.

Bill, to tell you the God's honest truth.... I am wielding that steel fist n the background this week and promise, someone is gonna end up with a bloddy snotbox!

Thank you for always being so kind,


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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Great job Tim! Thanks!


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