Great meeting

We had our 3rd Knit and Crochet group meeting Thursday evening here in Murfreesboro. I think things went well. Several people left early, Most stayed until the library closed. I was thinking of a field trip for our May Meeting to the LYS which is about 15 miles away. Have any of you ever done that? I know a lot of the groups meet at the LYS once a week. The shop in our area is small, but very home-like and extremely friendly. Thought it would be nice to show the group something other than Department store fibers. (Can you even call acrylic a fiber?) I am also trying to convert a section of my sunporch into "The Knitting Knook" so that my wife and I can teach lessons and have group meetings other than the one at the library. I will try to post pictures of the "Knook" when we finish organizing. Thanks for all the responses to my last entry. Have a great week!


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Glad the meeting was a success!
...I can see it now...first a few cubbies on the porch to store belongings...then suddenly a whole line of yarn! ...and a new LYS.

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My favorite LYS stays open late on Thursday nights and the owner calls it "PJ's and Purls". Actually it's nice to know that you can drop in and knit until the Dallas traffic dies down.

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