Racing cap

Ard Schenk won the Olympic speedskating gold medal in 1972 and all the boys in Holland wore caps similar to his; this 'Papingmuts' style had been popular at least since the 1930's. Apparently it was popular in Norway, where it was called a “Hjallislue” after their speedskater. I finally knit myself one on the flight from Detroit to Phoenix for a trip to the Grand Canyon two weeks ago. Friends say it makes me look like an idiot from a Heronymus Bosch painting, but it reminds me of a happy year in Utrecht, Holland as an adolescent. If anyone who wants to knit one needs clarification of my sketchy pattern, just write me.

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This would be a great "in between season" hat- when it's cool enough to be a little uncomfortable, but not cold enough to break out the heavy winter gear.

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I love this hat, and think you look quite fine in it...don't listen to your friends on this one.

I agree, it looks like just the perfect hat to throw on quickly in a place of coolness. Your friends just may lack your common sense of fashion.


I like it too. Who cares what folks say. It's a great looking hat and different from the average. Who wants to be average. Dont listen to them. Theyll kill your MOJO LOL I have started knitting myself socks in STARTLING verigated colors and I love to wear them. If it makes you feel good DO IT!!!!!

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Nice looking hat. I recently bought some silk/merino Malabrigo that would look really good knit up like this. Thanks for the idea. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Two words...LOVE IT!