P2tog tbl

Visually and pratically what's dif between p2tog and p2tog tbl?


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p2tog is a right leaning decrease; p2tog tbl is a left leaning decrease (when performed on the RS) p2tog tbl also twists the loops, but it really doesn't show.

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It changes the direction of the way the decrease leans. Just like k2tog and ssk will lean opposite each other. I've been working on a column of leaves scarf that has a p2tog tbl and it is a huge pain in the butt. So, a genius friend of mine taught me a new trick:

Purl one stich normal and pass completed stitch back to left needle. Pass second stitch on left needle over the purl you just made and slip the purl back the right needle and continue as normal.

Saved me a bunch of headaches. Hope this helps!