Socks progress report

Because I suffer from SSS, I have to do both socks at once. And because I can, I will do them toe-up!

So I've started with the white, using Judy Becker's Magic cast-on, and increased for the toe. I started the ribbing in grey, and am well on my way. Heck, there's nothing to these!! I do like the yarn though, not because I spun it, but because it is knitting up really nicely, and is not coming untwisted. I think these will work out rather well. (The red yarn is my marker; it marks the beginning of the round, and helps me count rows too.)

Image icon Sock 2010-A-sm.JPG70.88 KB


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Your hand-spun looks great! Don't you love J.B.'s magic cast on?

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Wow. The socks are so gorgeous. I envy your feet.

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Love them! I'm taking a class next month to learn toe up - it should be fun.

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Is JB's magic cast on the figure 8 cast on?