Advice needed: How do I knit this hat?

My son bought this hat on a trip to Ireland. He has a matching sweater. I really like the appearance, and I was examining it to figure out how it was made. I hope somebody can give me some advice on how this is done. Here's a photo of the hat:

And here's a photo of the inside:

The top is a round circle, the sides were apparently knitted flat and then seamed at the back. I'm very curious about the brim. It feels like it has some kind of circular plastic insert, but it's made in one piece with the sides. It then extends into the inside where the yarn color changes into some kind of lining. Then there's a circular inside top that seems to be made of some sort of suede.

I'm particularly wondering how they make the brim extend like that, but I also don't know how to knit a circle. Any ideas?

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Michael, not sure I've seen a knitted pattern for that hat...but there are cloth patterns available.
I would knit yardage, fuse fabric to the back of it to stabilize it..( they make iron on fabric for that purpose available at any fabric store)...cut the knitted fabric using the purchased pattern, then sew it together.
They make a stiff bonded fabric called Pellon which is perfect for the brim.
The brim will be knitted top and bottom pieces with the pellon between. You can bind the edge with an additional piece of knit...although the picture looks as if the bottom is also the binding. That can be done...but the sewing of it is a bit trickier.
If you decide to tackle it...I'm available for email advice...LOL

This looks like a tam with another smaller tam knit on top without the bottom rim.



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Crafty Andy and Purly Man are going to be your best bets for help on this one. They both do lots of hats with the flat tops.


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Lots of luck...I think Bill has the best answwer as to how it was made. All other versions I've seen was of woven cloth rather than knitted material. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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my feeling is that that hat may have been made from a recycled sweater...and I would make it just the way I described....

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there is a similar knitted hat on ebay right now...

but it has a domed,not flat, top.