As the Fiber Turns

Well Crafty Andy has become more Crafty at nearly his 50th Birthday he got a nice Wheel to become more of an Artisan of the Fiber Kind. This is another journey along with my spindle that will be a lot of fun.

Today I got some delicious fiber from Milk Protein, bamboo and all kinds of wool.

Now looking forward to creating yarn . Crafty Andy has moved to the Dark Side. Making yarn will be a lot of fun as I get more experience, this is a portable wheel with a bag and it is very light. It could use some wheels, but is not that heavy. I am looking forward to my classes to learn more about drop spindle and wheel spinning.
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Yes, Andy, you have truely fallen through that dark hole in the fabric of the Universe- but all things in the Universe spin, so why shouldn't we? You have a beautiful wheel- what make is it?

Welcome to the Dark Side! Gorgeous fibres to start out with too. With the bamboo and milk make sure your hands are dry though, perhaps keep a little baby powder by your chair. Are you going to blend them with anything? It's unusual to start with such short fibre staples but then so did I and look at me now. Classes do help. Trouble is I found it difficult to spin fat after spinning lace for so long but it's like riding a bike. Appreciate those first few yarns. They will later be referred to as "novelty yarns". Great job!



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It's beautiful, Andy...and you deserve it!
I have some roving for you that I'll bring Monday night.
I planing to get a Shacht ladybug...not to spin, but to ply.
...although down the road I may actually spin from scratch....LOL

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Very nice wheel, Andy. I hope you have great joy from it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.