calling all steekers

so this menacing lace piece is long enough to tell it is too wide. it's in trellis lace. is it possible to steek the excess off each end with such lose lace work?

ok, so here's what happened which all began when i was knitting yesterday AND having a lovely beer...

i thought i'd better measure to make sure my swatch was accurate. i translated some measurements from the chart and thought i was way off - in dryer times that might have tipped me off. then i panicked about how to fix it, thus the above post. then, discouraged that there was any hope of repair short of frogging, i pulled all 154 stitches off needle. so i decide to measure it again and realized i was reading the chart wrong (beer induced or senility) and it was exactly the right size. after
putting on magnifying readers and slowly working down a row to put all back on needle, i am up and running again.

moral: drink more, knit less


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ooooo that's a very brave idea... I've been too nervous to try to steek anything let alone something like that. MMARIO??? QUEERJOE??? You guys are the lace gods... I think I need to take a steek class, I have a couple of sweaters that I would like to make but would require it. Good luck, sorry I'm absolutely no help whatsoever.

I think that grandcarriage also knows a bit about steeking. you might want to ask him.

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I steek Fair Isle jumpers and that works well because Shetland wool stitches grip on to one another and don't run. If you steek lace, I would have thought you would also have to hem it somehow to stop it running.

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Steve, I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot knitting needle! YIKES!


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Though my experience with steeking is completely minimal (I made a fair isle doggie sweater for a chihuaha where I steeked the armholes) I don't think you can steek something that's knit loosely. I had enough trouble with the itty bitty armholes... I just can't imagine being able to do the same thing with lace.

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I don't think steeking lace would work unless you were able to steek through a solid background section.....

YOu COULD do a piece in the round with a steek that would become your selvedges though.....

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