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Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys can take a look at my new blog design at:
The reason is, I want to start a more professional website so I'll look better for people who would want me to design for them.

I would love if if you guys would leave suggestions, comments constructive or otherwise, and such on the page..... pleeze

Thanks all


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I do follow your blog. However, you have prompted me to change the bookmark to your new spot.

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Kenny - great blog design. When I first discovered MWK yours was the first blog I bookmarked. This new design is easy to follow and access.

(Who's the guy modeling your helical hat)

I know you worked hard on the blog header, it looks great, though it looks like you stole Wonder Woman's invisible knitting needles.(I hope that comes across as funny here as it did in my head) I like the cream background over a white one. Does the matching background and color in the header and the yarn ball really reflect your use of color in your knitting? It comes across fairly monochromatic and I would hope that at first glance people would be able to tell what a great knitter you are without even reading an entry.

Thanks for doing something so creative and going the extra mile to share it with everyone. You do inspire people.

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Thanks so much Tony. Those are awesome observations....... I gotta think about it for a min.

But first, the guy modelling my Helical Hat is my husband. NOT!!!!! He's just this really hot model from Knitter's Magazine. That hat and among a few other items have been published.

About the knitting needles. I worked SOOOOOO HARD on that. And no it didn't even cross my mind that those could be wonder womans invisible knitting needles. That is hilarious. I just wanted it to look like steel needles so I made it transparent.

I like the background too. I chose it because it's soothing.

About the yarn ball and the color....yeah, I am pretty nuetral about my colors. I'm not a color daredevil, though I've made things with daring colors. I really just didn't know what color to color the yarn, so I chose the blend option in photoshop to blend it with the background. Do you think it's boring? Should I liven it up? I was just looking for simplicity and classic.

Thanks for your comments!!

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You now have another subscriber!!


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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Aww thanks. I am really not trying to solicit subscribers..... FYI to everyone!

Thanks so much for your support. I just want some critism of the site design. :)

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Hi Kenny -

I like the colors and the masthead - very nice. The Wonder Woman thought was kinda funny. I see the knitting needles as stylized pair of needles, but I like the effect. The background color also highlights other colors in your photos - like the blue in the sky and the colors in the yarn and garments. I like that.

On your Contact page, you'll need to work the Send button. It looks way to much like the fields in the form. In short, it doesn't look like a button. I'd imagine that's in the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

The guy in the hat - hot! Keep him! ;-)

If you can get the neeles to not block the word string. (That may be tough.) Perhaps you could rotate them to the left so that the word string is in between the two needles? It would make reading string easier.

When people click on the the Categoris (Life, Purchases) if you could display the first sentence or partial first paragraph - that would help the reader decide what they want to read. (Although, it seems to me they'd want to read it all!) I'd think this would be in the template.

I like how the picture on the right side changes.

Overall I like it! If I think of anything more, I'll let you know! Nice work!



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Kenny, What a great Blog. I have been to your site many times. I enjoy reading and seeing what projects you are working on and/or designed. I love the new colors. Keep up the good work.