Spring Break!

Being a 2nd grade teacher, I have lots of papers to grade, plans to write, report cards..... the list goes on. I am looking forward to Friday at 1 pm, when the kids get out of school early and we begin Spring/Easter Break. I have been exhausted from school lately and have not knitted much in the evenings. I am hoping to get a great deal of knitting done in the 9-10 days we have off. I have my son's socks to finish, 2 homework assignments for the knitting retreat, casting off the ipod nano cozy (tonight), two crochet blankets to work on for the knit and crochet group charity project, a sock monkey to finish and another one to start, a corner to corner baby blanket, and the list goes on. My wife and I will be headed to Chincoteague Island next Friday for a 2 day Soxperience knitting retreat. This is a gift to ourselves for our 10th anniversary. Hope to fill you in on what I learn when we get back. I also have my Knit & Crochet Group on the 8th of April. This will be a busy Spring Break, but a great break from school. The weather here in NC looks great for at least the next week so maybe some outside knitting in our screened room is in order. Well I am rambling so I will go for now. I'll write again when I finish something from the list. Knit and be Happy!


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Enjoy your Spring break! It sounds like you've got plenty to knit!