KAL: What I did in the flood of 2010

You may have heard that we had a bit of rain in Rhode Island (one of the 50 states of the USA, NOT a part of New York!) over the past few days, particularly here in the Pawtuxet River Valley where I live. I know this does not compare to the floods of the midwest nor to the devastation of Katrina, ( I bow to the experiences of TomH and Millard) but hey, the Pawtuxet River crested at 13 feet over it's 9 foot flood stage and is not expected to return to its banks till Saturday evening. Added to the fact that so many businesses, homes, roads and even the interstate are along the Pawtuxet, it has pretty much crippled the state from the interior.

So, with roads closed all around me (I live on high ground, Thank God!) and power substations and wste water treatment facilities under water, I am doing my civic duty and not showering, doing laundry or dishes, nor am I using electricity with non essential things such as work. Instead, I am being lazy, stinking and living like a slob!

What I have been doing is knitting! I have finished the first of my KAL clogs in Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. (see attachment) While it is still in the Sasquatch Slipper Stage, I can honestly say I have learned so much in doing this project and am just loving it. You will note that at this point it is about the size of a 20 pound schnauzer. BTW, the shnauzer is wearing a dog sweater made out of purple, acrylic yarn in a basket weave stitch with a ribbed neck and rolled collar. A FO from four years ago. And if he looks terrified it is because he hates it when the "Human He Manipulates" tries to dress him up! Nonetheless, I think the purple looks fantastic with his gray coloring!

Now it's time to power off, and get back to the second clog.

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Bill's picture

You will undoubtedly be the first of us to have "Flood Felted Clogs"!

Mnjack's picture

Clogs are nice but the dog is great. I am glad you have one that manipulates your life as mine does mine...lol.

albert's picture

What better way to spend a flood!