And completed

The socks have been completed.

This is the second pair I have knit of my own recent spindle-spun yarns. I wanted to knit socks with this yarn (100% wool), so I put in extra twist in the singles, and I only did a 2-ply yarn. I usually like the look of a 3-ply, but that would have been too thick for socks. I made sure there was a fairly firm twist in the ply as well to make the socks longer wearing.

The yarns were badly over-twisted when I took it off the spindle. I made the skeins and washed the yarns, as I always do, in hot soapy water. I then hung them to dry-- there was no excess twist in them! The skeins hung nice and straight without any kinks. I was quite amazed, so I didn't put too much twist in my yarns after all!

The knitting went smoothly. I started at the toe and I did them both at the same time using the Magic Loop method. I don't like making two of anything the same! This ensured I did. The yarn was quite nice to work with, I had no problems with over- or under-twist, or with splitting.

I increased for the toe until they fit, and were divisible by 4 to accommodate my ribbing pattern. And then just proceeded to knit away! Before the heel turn, I increased for the gusset. But because I didn't want these to look too traditional, I put the increases on the bottom of the foot. This also creates an automatic heel turn, so was a bonus. I had planned on doing the heel in white, but because of this construction method, this didn't work out well. I turned the heel, and made the slip stitch heel flap which I like best. Then I proceeded to move into the rib pattern and continued up the leg. When I felt it was long enough (I actually got bored doing this sock), I put in two white stripes just to tie in the white toe, and finally did the stretchy bind-off. They may be a little too short for me (I like a longer leg on the socks), but I can always undo the bind-off and add more length if I wanted it later.

I again washed the finished socks in hot soapy water, rolled them up in a towel, and the hung them up to dry. I do have sock blockers somewhere, but if I can't find them, they are pretty well useless!

The socks do feel really nice on the foot. I have not yet worn them for the day, but because of the extra snow we had this afternoon, I think tomorrow may be the day for them! They are heavier than dress socks, but would be ideal in a winter boot.

BTW, the first pair I knit were made for my mother's boyfriend. I mailed them to him, and Mom tells me he wore them for three days, and she finally got them away and washed them by hand, and lay them out to dry. She tells me they look good, and apparently he likes them too. I do understand! I like them too!

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Wow - they look great!

I can't beleieve you spun your own yarn! I'm a mad grey fan so love them. I really love the classic rib too.


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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They look amazing!

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Really like the socks. The yarn looks great. Good job all around.

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Really, really cool! Could you share more details of the gusset into the heel turn, I really like the look of it! And if there's no wrap and turn, I'll be in paradise!

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very, very handsome socks.

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Very nice, Tallguy. I noticed they were done the last time I peeked at your blog. This photo really shows the decreasing, gusset and heel flap to the best advantage. Great spinning and knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.