"Cycling Aran"?

First, I'm new so HI!!!

 Second I'm thinking of making the Hello-Yarn "cycling aran" pattern. It doesn't look too hard (except for putting in the zipper but I've got a sewing machine if it gets bad!)

 Has anyone seen it, done it, or thought about it enough to recommend yarns? I'm thinking of checking out Bartlett Yarns "Fishermans Chunky" (or Bulky...whatever they call it!) Looks nice and "Manly" but cheap!

 Any thoughts?

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Hey Micah! Just saying hello! Sorry, no suggestion. Not enough experience for that. Great looking pattern though! Laughing

I don't think it looks to hard, I figured out cables (it's just moving stuff around) and I'm thinking I'd like to put knots or anchors on the sleeves!!

 I e-mailed Bartlet Yarns for color samples. I'm crossing my fingers that they are cool but still waiting for more feedback!

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friends of mine really like Bartlett... I, however, not so much.  I will stipulate that the stash of it I got was from an online clearance sale and smelled like moth balls and... closets?  maybe micah will be able to give a better opinion with a new color card.  It is heavy in lanolin content, which a lot of people like, but I found it to be a little coarse and a little too fibrous, to the point of the yarn breaking into 2 pieces in fiddly knitting spots (i.e. cables).  It does soften up a bit with washing.  I realize the cycling aran isn't felted, but it was a NIGHTMARE to felt, just FYI.  i made a pair of clogs with it and after at least a dozen washings, still not fully felted.  i finally gave up on that adventure.  if i were to make it myself (and I totally love it, btw,) I would probably lean towards something like Sierra from Knit Picks.  Hope you find something you love!  Smile

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I've checked out the knit-picks stuff before. I've used their Wool Of the Andes before and liked it. I was really hoping for somehting that was more "rag-wool" looking, nice and earthy "lets go fishing" (I'll probably wear it fishing!); that's why I zero'ed in on the Bartlett yarn.

With the note that it doesn't felt well, I'm excitded. Hopefully it'll hold up well and not "fuzz" to bad with abuse....any thoughts on that sort of issue?

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i gifted what i made from them, so i can't attest to the non-fuzziness, but i would speculate that it shouldn't be a problem.  one of my knitting mavens and a couple other knitters really love it, so i can't imagine fuzzing being an issue.  i can't say for sure though.  while i said the felting sucked, they did have a hairiness about them that i haven't seen a lot with felting and i actually liked that a bit.  don't know how significant that is here... the bartlett will definitely give you the earthiness, sierra is a bit too luxurious for that.  WOTA does come in bulky now, though, too, if you liked the regular, don't know if that's quite as rag-wool-esque as the bartlett though really.  i do know if they don't stop coming out with new shwag i'm going to be homeless here pretty soon.  Wink

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I hear that. They've got some crazy deals.I've got to finisha few projects before I buy anything!!!!!!!

do it! I love that sweater, its awesome. Adrian is one of my favorite knitters around.

I know, that thing is awesome. If you have contact with Adrian, ask about yarn substitutes for people who've just moved and are on a tight budget!