Mohair & needles

Now I know that needles are a very personal preference but I'd be interested to hear which needles you prefer when working with Mohair.

I'm making this scarf/stole for my daughter & using my tortoiseshell needles but it's tough going. I'm wondering if I should spluge on some Addi Turbo's. I think bamboo will be too rough & not allow the yarn to slide on & off the needles. 

Lion Brand Ruffled Stole, it was on their latest email. 


As always thank you for your advice guys.

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I use metal weapons for mohair and silk.  However, I've recently pillaged several bank accounts by becoming caught up in Ebony needles.  They're just the best and I'm anxious to use them with some of the more 'challenging' fibres like mohair and silk.


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Martin, what kind of problem are you having with the mohair?  What kind of mohair -- is it that fluffy stuff, or are you using a worsted spun yarn?

 I would think any really smooth needle would be fine, as long as your tension is not too tight.  If you are very tight, nothing is going to help!  You can use bamboo, or ebony, or nickle-plated, or plastic--- but it must be super smooth!!  That should be easy going afer that!

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I just use my el-cheapo boyes needles from Wal-mart; the bamboo ones I have just don't care for the mohair.

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