Spring! AMEN.

It appears as if the never-ending Winter is receeding and Spring is emerging.

A self-imposed KNITTING HIATUS has finally reached it's end. Had to focus on class work for a license I was testing for. Now, I am focusing on finishing the socks I started during the Eisenhower Administration.

Next up... MARYLAND SHEEP & WOOL FESTIVAL!! I will be working the booth with Toni Neal of The Fold (Marengo, IL) who is the real-world distributor of Blue Moon Fiber Arts "SOCKS THAT ROCK" sock yarn.


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tho it seems that winter has, as usual, been going on for a few decades, "spring" in my local area is 4 to six weeks in advance of "normal" in many respects.

we seem to have skipped "mud season" - which usually occupies a couple of months between "hard freeze" and "frost free"

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I heard about the Maryland Sheep & Wool from people I met at a Sox weekend on Chincoteague Island. I will have to try to plan to go next year. My wife and I are planning on attending the NC Fiber Festival May 21-23 in Raleigh. I am hoping that it will be great. It has supposedly doubled in size from last year.

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Good to hear from you, Thor. I noticed today that the daffodils have magically appeared as I never noticed them over the weekend. Yippee...maybe Spring has indeed arrived in Wyoming. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Spring....let's see....oh yeah....I remember that....almost above freezing here in AK....

Are we working on the same pair of socks...mine started back in the Eisenhower Administration too....but I made a pair a while back that when I wore them for the first time I had a GREAT night in the ER....so they get worn A LOT....damn superstitions...

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I avoided Socks That Rock last year at MD because of the line, but this time I'll make a point to drop by!

I don't want to even think about how long those socks have been in limbo...I'm glad for your knitting hiatus being finished!