Ebay and Yarn

Has anyone bought wool from Ebay? There is some great yarn listed from China, but I am afraid. The last thing I ordered from China, a DVD for my daughter about 4 years ago, never arrived and I did not get my PayPal money back for it either. Tell me what you think? Should I try it or just check the LYS for wool?


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I have had excellent purchases when buying brand names of wool from reputable sellers. What is the seller's rating, and have any complaints been filed against the seller?


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I buy wool from ebay all the time...and I've bought a few things from china.
The most recent item was a strand of turquoise flat beads, which I won for $3.36...with free shipping!!. I think it cost more than that to ship it to me...but it arrived quickly. Just be sure the vendor has a good rating.

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I also have had no issues from eBay. From several continents. As mentioned before, check ratings.

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I've bought TONS of yarn (and other stuff) through eBay --- just make sure the seller has a good rating and no complaints. The one time I got something that wasn't as advertised, I got my money back almost immediately.

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This is good advice. I'll chime in with the others and say that I buy and sell on eBay all the time - 99% of the time all goes well.

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Thanks for the advice. I guess I need to do some investigating. I have "been burned" issues. I tend to boycott something when I feel I haven't been treated fairly. I filed complaints with ebay and PayPal but the person took my money and closed all accounts. I haven't bought anything on ebay since then. I have stuck to Overstock, Amazon and others. But as you all know great quality wool is expensive and even if I could get a large lot of "good" quality wool for cheap on ebay I think it would make me very happy.

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So far I've had no problem with anything I've bought at ebay. I've never bought yarn but I have bought rare CDs, DVDs, knitting magazines, out of print patterns, my Denise interchangables, over-the-calf socks for work and other odds and ends. I did have a problem with a first purchase using Paypal at a site other than ebay. After the money was deducted from my account I didn't receive the merchandise or even an acknowledgment of the order. I ended up filing a dispute and won but the seller had no funds in his account for them to deduct to reimburse me. They told me they suspended his Paypal privileges. Six months later the VHS appeared in my mailbox. Two days later I got an email from the seller saying that since he sent the video, would I please notify Paypal so they could reinstate his privileges. I chuckled gleefully as I hit the delete key.
I echo the above advice: deal only with reputable sellers.

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I have gotten yarn from EBay and was basically satisfied. The seller said it was New Zealand wool. Of course I had no way of checking that out. It was a little more coarse textured than I might have liked but after it was knitted up, washed and blocked out, it softened up a bit and I really like the sweater. I call it my bargain sweater. When I make an EBay bid I usually make it a point to see what the seller's return policy is. I know it's a lot of trouble to return something, but less stressful than having something in your "stash" that you don't really like and may never use.

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The seller rating system is pretty accurate. I've never had an issue with buying yarn through eBay... in fact you'll find some great deals out there... The one thing that I really have noticed about sellers from China is that you'll need to really pay attention to the item description. The Title line will state what type of fiber is in the yarn, but when you read the description you'll see that it's just a blend! I.E. Cashmere in title line, when it's a wool cashmere blend with only 5% cashmere.

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Bill has sold quite a bit of wool yarn on ebay, with my help. It was all yarn he'd picked up at yard sales, thrift shops, etc. I think all of the buyers were pleased. Agree that you need to check into the seller's feedback.