Hansen MiniSpinner

The Hansen MiniSpinner is an electric spinning wheel. Weighs about four pounds depending on wood...they're made of maple, cherry, and some exotic woods...and the price varies according to the wood.
The base price is $575. ( I think).... the Woolee Winder costs more. It plugs in for electricity...but can also work off a battery pack or car cigarette lighter socket.

It has an on/off foot peddle...not variable speed like a sewing machine...the speed is controlled by a little knob on the spinner. It does S and Z twists.

Totally a wonderful machine!


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Hi Bill,

Suddenly, this e-spinner has been getting a lot of mention on blogs and boards. Did you recently purchase one? My eyes lit up upon seeing it, and my thoughts went to spinning while on vacation. What a space saver for packing in the trunk, and since I never rough it while going on vacation (always have electricity available), this could suit my vacation spinning needs very well. Hmm...


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Yes...I went to the big handweaving and spinning show CNCH a few weeks ago...intending to buy the Schact ladybug wheel...saw the Hansen MiniSpinner and realized it was exactly right for me.
...and spent almost twice what I had planned!
But it's perfect for me...and my tiny apartment.
(so happy almost 75th birthday to me!) LOL

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Spinning porn!!- shame on you Bill! I believe that the manufacturer of the Woolee Winder holds the patent- thus the high price. But it is a nifty little gadget (I have one).

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Albert, I think it's the son of the man who invented it...a Mr. Lee...that's manufacturing them...I met him at Stitches West...their booth was right next to the MiniSpinner.
They make the Woolee Winder for several different wheels.

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Now that is a cool little spinner. I have a Schacht Matchless on order at the moment, supposedly arriving some time this week.

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Very cute little machine, Bill. If it suits you then that makes it okay. May you have lots of joy from it. Happy birthday, early. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.