Your unwanted wool and hair Can Help the Oil SPill Clean Up

Your dated, ugly, or otherwise unwanted yarn and fiber stash can help clean up the oil spill on the Gulf PLS


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Thank you SO MUCH, Andy!!!

My sister lives down in Gulfport, Mississippi and says that tar patches are already coming up onshore. It's only an omen for what's to come.

We can only do the wind dance for so long before the gods decide on a change in direction.

I'll start digging around. Interestingly enough, too, I was going to be cutting my hair soon. Your post came just in time!


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My parents live in Picayune! Does Gulfport have the same nasty smell that's been hovering over New Orleans? I also read stuff is washing ashore in Alabama, as well. Insane... the price of shrimp have already gone up a few dollars a pound here.

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Actually, she said that she's still getting a fresh ocean smell, thank the gods!

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Thank you Andy!

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We are currently saving hair at my salon, to send with other salons in the area

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I'm headed for Gulf Shores, AL on Friday and hoping for the best, as far as I can tell the beaches there are still clean. I'm going to go through my yarn scraps today and get a box ready to send. Thanks for the info Andy.