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Hi fella's,

My daughter told me a couple of weeks that I'm going to be a grandpa! I waited until today to spread the news because she'd not had a scan. Well the scan informs us that the baby is due February 12th. So I'm asking you guys for tips on any baby items that you may have knitted up that were interesting & well received.


Gramps Martin 


My wife has crocheted baby blankets. She put the baby's name in the middle. It can probably be done by knitting one also. She has done alot of them for family members. Ther are always well received. I am sure you can deign one easily enough.

No baby knit suggestions unfortunately, but I did want to say congrats on the news!

Martin congratulations.

Being a grandfather is really a great experience.

Here is a link to one of my favorite presents to give an expectant mother.

The hats looks really amazing when it is finished and people think that it takes a lot of work -- it is acutally quite easy. You can't see the detail in the picture but the hat has a great looking lace leaf pattern that only takes about twenty rows to complete.  Hope you like it.


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Congratulations Martin!

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Congrats Grandpapa!  My cousin's children are now having babies of their own... I remember when they were babies, when did I get old?  Anyways there are 2 patterns in the Stitch-n-Bitch book; a baby blanket and a hat.  Both very easy and look great.  The baby hat is my standard gift for friends or family who have a baby.

Something that is very popular right now is the Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Sweater.  It can be found in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop.  What better gift from a knitting gramdpa than a design by the grande dame of knitting herself! 

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Congrats Martin!  Yes, hats are a great baby gift and paren't never seem to have enough.  Considering the time of year the baby is due, warm hats will be especially handy to have, and even lighter hats will be appreciated too for use towards the summer months.   Blankets, sweaters, booties, heck, even a knit diaper bag would be great.  Since this is her first baby, your daughter will need lots of stuff. Now is your chance to go wild!

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baby blanket - a friend of mine does either patchwork or log cabin style and then increases them in size when the "baby" enters school. eventually it becomes a full sized afghan.

hats, booties

SOAKERS! both the short version and the long "pants" style.

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Hey Martin, congrats!  I knit a baby blanket for my niece, which was incredibly well received.  I bet your daughter and grandbaby will love and appreciate anything you choose to make.

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i'm fond of those matching baby kimonos and hats that sally melville had in one of her books.  

That's wonderful Martin!  Plently excuses for a life time of knitting devoted to the little one.  Personally, I would do a traditional white matinee set - jacket, bonnet, bootees and, if possible, a lacy shawl (like the ones our Mums made - well mine didn't 'cos she was crap at knitting but my Nan was ok).  All new Mums love these - you have to have a set to show off a new baby in - no matter what wacky things they put them into later on.  I'm sure whatever you make will be done with pride and love.  Now come on and get those needles out - you've only got about 7 months left!!!

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Congrats Martin! Can't really suggest any baby pattern. But I have been wanting to knit "Origami" and "Aran Pullover" from the book "Baby Knits Two".

Congrats!  I've knit this one a couple of times.    the pattern #is 214.    it's a quick top down raglan that is a lot of fun.  it's the first sweater I ever knit!

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What a wonderful stage to be entering!  Being a Grampa is a lot more fun than being a Pa!

Yes, lots of things for babies everywhere.  The thing to remember is that they will out-grow them very fast, and she may get a lot of things from others for the new baby.  Think of something that can 'grow' with the baby too, like blankets or diaper bag or kimono-type sweaters that can be adjusted as they get bigger.  Think of the time of year too, since she will need different things in different seasons.

A blanket with the name on it, with the date of birth too is a nice touch.  You can put it into the border, and have everything done until you know the details, and duplicate stitch the name and date on it.  You don't have to have it ready on the day the baby is born!  This is something she will keep forever, and if made with good materials, will last until you are a great-grandfather too!  But you will be a great grandfather anyway! hehe