Need pattern suggestions for sweater coat

Okay guys--a young woman came into the LYS where I work and wanted a pattern for a men's sweater coat, down to the knees. She said " I don't know where to start asking..." I said, "I do!" So please help me out here with some pattern leads.


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I just got the new St. Denis Magazine- Juneberry Triangle, here I come!
There's a pattern in it for a cardigan called "Cassavetes" BY Veronic Avery that would be a VERY cool coat. It would take some flairing below the waist, but easily do-able. Take a peek!

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I've never come across a pattern for a men's jacket that long, but along the suggestions from vsidart, there's a pattern called Basketcase Jacket (p81) in "Men in Knits" by Tara Jon Manning that could easily be modified to be a knee-length jacket.

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In Michael del Vecchio's book, "Knitting with Balls" there is a pattern entitled "The Knee Length Coat." Here's a picture of it knitted in Noro Iro (which is what the pattern calls for):