look what i can do!!! (thank you stickywarp!!!!)

this is my first authored post, i think anyway, so i'll start by saying hi everyone!!!!  I've been a member for a long time, but kinda forgot until I met Mike at his spindling class last weekend.  So re-hi really.  Laughing


So yeah, I had a bunch of yuck happen and haven't actually spindled since after the class Saturday, but was just itching for it today and I'm totally geeked out by the results and so I have to share and give a HUMONGO thank you to Mike!!!! Unfortunately for him, he's going to have the pleasure of hearing me babble about this in person too.  Wink  (I can't wait for Spindling 201 and now REALLY can't wait to get a wheel!!! If I wind up into weaving too, you're in trouble.) 


I know I'm not quite ready to quit my day job spindling yarn, but I felt it good enough that I set the twist and a huge difference compared to the shite I made in class and the 2 yards of yarn barf I made by myself afterwards.  Not bad for the first real one, I don't think. 


My first real hank! 

I plied it and everything!!!! Can you believe it?!  (I was the dunce of the class, for real.  Mike is a great teacher, though, and totally patient, demonstrating things for me repeatedly and answering zillions of questions while the rest of the class spindled away happily, as I am apparently fiber dense and virtually inept.  It finally clicked! (Still total suckage at drafting, though, but I'm getting there! Wink)) 

Here's a less accurately colored view of the pre-hanked post-plied:

yarn on chair a.k.a. swift ;)  

Ok, all done, thanks for looking.  Now I'm plotzing waiting for it to dry so I can knit something with it.  SQUEEEE!   

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Mike - you seem to have successfully converted another victim sacrifice person to fiberholism

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Not until he accumulates 200 bonus points and successfully spins straw into gold.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Sean, that yarn looks great! I think some of us try to get as much info as we can in class. Then it comes together when we go home and practice. Smile

What is the fiber that you used? It looks beautiful.

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Sean, excellent job!  And kudos to stickywarp too for converting another one to the light/dark side!

Drafting will come, don't worry about it too much.  Just slow down and take your time.  You are in too much of a rush, and that is where you have the trouble.  There is no award for speed!  This is about enjoyment.  Take time to prepare your rovings well; split them or draft them out more-- makes spinning easier for sure.  And just keep on doing it -- practice does improve your technique, of course!

One suggestion: you may have a bit too much twist in your singles.  I would back off a little there -- I think you will like your yarn much better that way.  My opinion, of course!   See what your mentor says--  Can't wait to see your knitted sample!

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we did discuss twist some more in part 2 and OMG, was that class awesome.  i didn't think it could get better than part 1, but mike had SO many fibers for us to try (and I'm in love with silk now, thanks bunches) and spindles galore and the gobs of information about the fiber processing and wow.  we also learned spinning from the fold which i LOVE.  I still haven't knit anything from either of my first 2 hanks, but came home from class to find a box waiting for me from a friend of mine who made it to Stitches - 2 huge 4-oz packs of hand-dyed roving from Angora Cottage, and I of course had to commence with the spindle.  I made some lace and I'm knitting up a little thank you gift for her, but don't tell.  ;) I'm actually quite digging the variation in this case.

you can see the yarn kinda here and my new spindle!  I named him Skeeter.  While it's technically laceweight, I have not yet entered the realm of even singles.  I wouldn't quite call it thick-and-thin, but definitely some variation.  I'll post pics of the airy scarf when it's finished. 


I already have this fiber stash building up, as if I didn't have enough yarn stash enveloping my cracker jack box apartment.  (sigh)  NOT complaining though.  Wink

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