Ideas, Anyone?

I have been on the lookout for a pattern for a rectangle shawl that uses both cables and lace... Any ideas? I have found nothing so far that grabs me but some inspiration to design my own, which often happens anyway. Just thought I'd throw to the wind here and see if anyone has seen anything beautiful recently that would fit my bill.

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Have you checked out Susan Pandorf's designs? Here's two that I've come across fitting your descriptions of retangular, lace, and cables:

Blue Gentian


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Also Pumpkin Patch, which uses worsted weight yarn for what I was originally gonna suggest: cables and a lace rib stitch.

Edit: The more I look at Susan's stoles, the more I see combinations of what appear to be cables and lace. One more in dk weight below, I'll leave the rest of the search to you.

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I'll dig into her site and see if I can find something fun.


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*grin* sounds like someone I need to scope out and see what I can snitch from her...

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My mind immediately went to the Kumo Stole by Krystofer. It is cabled with dropped stitches between the cables so has an overall lacy effect (in my mind anyway).

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I just did another clapotis and I cringe at the thought of more dropped stitches, but to be fair, I'm going to check it out. Who knows, maybe another favorite project. Thanks for the tip sir.