Attn: All thrift shoppers, garage salers, antique mallers, bazaar goers,...

I just discovered a little plastic, hand-held loom that has become an obsession. I must have one. Watching ebay daily, but thought I might be able to utilize you guys in my search. It is called Adjust-O-Peg and was manufactured by Hazel Perason Handicrafts in Rosemead, CA. If anyone is lucky enough to find one for me, you'll be both reimbursed and rewarded. THANKS!!

Hazel's Loom
Hazel's Adjust O' Peg Loom review picture
Hazel's Adjust O' Peg Loom review picture


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Never heard of them before but I'll keep my eye out for one. Looks really versatile. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

WonderMike's picture

Wow, those look groovy! I'm not sure if I found one that I'd be able to part with it. ;-)

You can find regular square looms at Hazel Rose Looms online:

Good Luck,

raydio's picture

Here's directions to make your own "Weave-It" loom:

RickeScott's picture

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I've got square and rectangular looms. I know I could make one myself - wood, drill, nails - and I may end up doing just that. But for now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that find one of these babies...

MMario's picture

If you look at the pegs in the picture they look suspiciously like ordinary finish nails. I wonder if they are "original" or a substitute?

The actual loom would be a pretty easy thing to make; it's the box to store the pegs that is the cool part. (to me)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

RickeScott's picture

Agree. Nice, functional design.

michaelpthompson's picture

Glad to keep an eye out for it, my local thrift store has a craft section that has yielded little treasures at different times.

But MMario is right, it would be cake to drill some holes in a nice piece of wood (a drill press would keep the holes aligned properly). Hollow out a space on the bottom and add a slide-in metal door like they put on the bottoms of cribbage boards for storing the pegs, and you've got a nicer version.

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