Knitting apps for the iPhone

I've joined the techno brigade and got myself an iPhone...and although I'm not completely bowled over by it's charms, (it will, of course,ook better with a knitted cover) It is nice to be on an early morning train and catch up with the knitting fraternity. Do any of you iPhone knitters know of good apps for the iPhone ?


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I've been using Knitminder a lot... it's great to keep track of projects and row counters, as well as your needles, hooks, patterns, and stash (I really only use it as a way to keep track of project rows and needles). It's a Pay app for 3 bucks... I also LOVE the Knit Evenly Calculator... which helps you calculate how to evenly increase or decrease across a row (or round!).

If you're looking for free apps, there's Needles for keeping track of your needles and hooks, there's Stitchminder which is a row counter app, but only allows you to keep track of one project at a time (the reason why I paid for Knitminder.) Knitminder Lite is the free trial version of knitminder if you want to try before you buy as well. You should also create a web shortcut to somewhere on your splash page, they have a special iphone compatible webpage that can use your location to find local yarn shops! Great when you're traveling!

Vogue Knitting recently released a pay app as well... havn't heard much about it yet, but it looks pretty close to how Knitminder works.

Let me know if you have any questions! Welcome to the cult of iPhone... I can't do anything without it anymore... I'm preordering the iPhone 4 come Monday :)

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Rav has the Yarnphone app it is really good. There is also ewestash, kind of a cute app if you want an on-the-go stash program, and suprisingly enough, Lion Brands web app is really good, pattern suggestions, store finders, search for patterns by yarn, size, who your making it for, etc. have fun with the iphone. I pretty quickly became addicted to it.

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Yarnphone!? I can't find it on iTunes! I just DLed the Lion Brand App it's pretty amazing.

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Yarnphone is another Casey the Codemonkey brainchild. go to on your phone and it should let you setup from there. It took me a bit to find it and download it initially. It acts like an app but I think is actually a web page that you favorite onto your phone. worth it.