Haruni Shawl

I have a neighbor who has done so much to help my wife and I as we struggle with my illness. So I finally made a shawl for her.

This is the Haruni pattern from Emily Ross. Many have said this pattern was difficult - it really wasn't but it's a good idea to do it EXACTLY as she says not what you think she might be saying. The I-cord bind off took forever - and was tedious beyond belief. But it does look nice.

I did an extra repeat of Chart A (the body) to make it a 28"x60" size. I used Zephyr 50/50 wool/silk, vanilla in color, on a US 2 needle.

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Your usual stunning execution! (I'm jealous!)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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If you take the pictures from a great enough distance and then apply Photoshop anything - even my knitting - looks good.


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Maybe that's my problem...I have to learn to knit lace in Photoshop...because using wool to make lace I find difficult! (grin)
The shawl is beautiful!!!

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Stunning is exactly the right word.
That shows some serious skill and patience.

Absolutely gorgeous. I'm speechless.

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Very stunning. This is in my queue to knit as soon as I finish my current project. Should be casting on in a couple of days. I have had the pattern and the yarn for far too long.

Great work

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Beautiful shawl Rick. It has been on to do list for some time, have even printed it out, but am a bit daunted with all that crochet finishing.

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I've done crochet bind off - it's easy and quick. This was an I-cord knit bind off - took a huge amount of time in comparison. This yarn was to fine to do the crochet that's why I did the I-cord knit instead. I would have doubled the yarn and done the crochet I think it would have looked nearly the same and been much quicker!



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This is so beautiful and what a wonderful and generous gift. Hope you are doing okay. I can completely sympathise. I am in the same boat having COPD.

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wonderful work

wherever you go, there you are

we put birds on things

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Very beautiful knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Stunning. Love it! And love the bind off even though it was tedious! Great work!