Gentlemen and Occasional Ladies (and Gentlemen who are, occasionally, ladies):

Today I turn 49. Last night, the Best Beloved and the Most Beloved Friend took me out to our neighborhood pool, bringing with them a box wrapped in emerald wrapping paper, the two of them stealing glances and knowing grins with each other. Once we were settled at our picnic table under a large oak tree, I was presented with the box. I unwrapped it (unceremoniously, I admit), and opened the box to see sitting on top, a hemp bag. Taking the bag out, I turned it over...and there I saw, printed in large black letters:

"HansenCrafts miniSpinner."

It was true. Underneath another layer of brown wrapping paper was the Hansen miniSpinner, complete with the Woolee Winder. It has been a long time since my breath was taken away - but it was, and I had to blink my eyes and clear my throat before I could thank them. It was, as I told them, the one thing that I wanted most, and the one thing that I would least expect either of them (two very, VERY, butch boys) to give me. It seems that when we were all at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, they caught the glint in my eye when I sat down to try one of these out, and one said to the other, "Birthday?" and the other nodded in silent agreement.

Today I will take it out...I have no ready rovings so I will go and card up and couple and start spinning...and will give you all updates and pictures.


Jonathan in DC

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How exciting and what great freinds!

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Happy Birthday Jonathan!
You will love your MiniSpinner!
...I thoroughly enjoy mine...

Happy birthday. What a fabulous gift.

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Happy birthday and looking forward to the pictures!

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Wow, what an awesome gift, I didnt know what the Hansen Mini Spinner was until you mentioned it so I had to google it...seems awesome! Enjoy! Look forward to pictures!

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Happy birthday Jonathon, and enjoy your beautiful gift.

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Happy Birthday and what an amazing couple of people there! I also has to Google it as I had no idea what it was. Please take pics and show us more!


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Gosh...I didn't get a dog with mine!

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Yeah - it was on special. Buy one miniSpinner and get a Tibetan Mastiff thrown in for free! Actually, that's Jampa, who shares the same birthday with me. She turned one this year, and every time I walk away from the wheel I come back to find her cuddling with my wool - which usually involved extricating some of it from her mouth!


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Quite a contraption! Looks something like on old Edison gramaphone - the ones that played wax coated cylinders... It is fun getting exactly what you wanted. Enjoy.

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What a wonderful and loving birthday gift. May you have many great hours together. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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A very happy belated birthday!!! Your mini-spinner is COOL!