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Hi gents

Well it was a very quiet and relaxing weekend away at our place in the bush...good to escape the rat race every now and then.

Really got stuck into Rod's jumber again and pretty much only have one sleeve to go! whew.

Decided to whip him up a beanie too. This wool is really warm because it has New Zealand possum fur in it too - not crazy about the clolours but it definately keeps my boys head warm.

AND - very excited, I'm off to Atlanta in three weeks for work. I always like checking out a new town!

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Your place looks so beautiful. It is nice to unwind. The beanie is great.

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The beanie looks great! I wish I had a place to get away to on the weekends!! Lucky you. Have fun in Atlanta - don't pack anything warm!! :-)


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I like the beanie and the bushland. Is that water a dam or river?

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Hi Kerry,

Our patch of heaven is Smiths Lake (mid North Coast NSW) next village up from Seal Rocks. It is a salt water lake that has a huge sandbar betwen it and the surf beach.... Bliss.

BTW - I heard about a new knitting cafe in Newtown. Finding our more and will spread the word.


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!