Finished Knits!

I know I've been away from MWK for a while, but in the meantime I've actually finished some projects and, for once, have photos of them to post. Yay!

Towards the end of the Spring semester I hardly touched my knitting. But as soon as finals were done I finished my first hat made using dpns! I was so proud of the results. Not only that, but it is my first and only thing I've made with real wool. It's a very simple stocking cap done in ribbing and made using size 7 dpns.

Being home for the part of the summer gave me a lot of opportunity to finish a scarf I was making for my mother's birthday, which just happens to be tomorrow. The scarf is kind of wide, but that's fine because she wanted to use it to cover her shoulders during Mass. It gets rather cold in the church. The scarf is over 60 in. but I'm not sure just how long it really is. It's longer than my measuring tape; that's all I know. It's made with Carron Simply Soft Eco brand yarn (not wool I know, but it's soft) -- color: Wine Country. I used size 9 needles and worked in Garter for 2.5 in. at the beginning and end of the scarf and in stockinette with a cable stitch pattern in the center the rest of the way through with a 2-stitch garter pattern along both sides. It is my first time using the cable stitch.

Well here are the photos: 2 photos of the hat and scarf in progress; the finished scarf; a detail of the scarf; the finished hat; and the hat being worn. I know it's a lot of photos for only two items, but I'm excited that I finally have photos to post at all.
Pax et bonum

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Congrats on the finished objects Ian! They both look great. Love the color of the scarf, and yes, finishing that first dpn project can seem like quite a hurdle :)

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your cable looks superb!

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That hat is just about perfect. Love the tweedy color of it and you look great in it.

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your mother is going to love that scarf!!!'s very wearable and timeless...

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Both scarf and hat look really well done, congratulations.

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scarf has such a beautiful simplicity and evenness to it. nice job
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They look great! It's nice to see you so excited about your knitting that you'd post a bunch of pictures, haha! I know the feeling...

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they both look great. I love the wool you have chosen for the hat too!

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Those both your really great!! The scarf is gorgeous and your mom will love it. Keep up the knitting!!! Enjoy your very warm hat this winter too!


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You know - sometimes the simple knits are perfect and I'm a huge fan of that. Your hat is great, looks great on you and you chose the perfect color.
That scarf is so beautiful because you chose to run one nice cable down the center framed by a nice soft yarn surface. Good one!

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Yay! Congrats on beautiful work, and for FINISHING! (something I seem to having a hard time with lately!)

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Just grand knitting! The beautiful simplicity of a single cable in the scarf is just perfect. And the hat is also great looking, by itself and when worn. Congratulations and keep knitting, you do good work at matching yarns and designs that compliment each other. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great looking projects! I particularly love the scarf!!!