Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?

Here is a teddy that I have been making for baby gifts.

I'm not a "Bear" by the way.

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that's a charming little bear!

From one "not a bear" to another, that is a very cute toy! :) Where did you find the pattern? I'd like to try it. I enjoy knitting and crocheting toys because they always get used and they normally knit up pretty quick. -Nick-

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Without a doubt, that is one of the best knit toys that I've seen yet. What pattern did you use?

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Very Cute... is that the pattern by Blue Sky Alpacas?

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Those bears are great. They're very cute and they look very well put together.

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That's an adorable bear! Anyone receiving it will be full of smiles no doubt! I have a bear knitting pattern in my queue on Ravelry. If I didn't have so many other projects going on, I'd be working on it now. One of my favorite toys as a child was a hand knit bear! Great job and keep it up! That's coming from a bear who has knit in the woods too!


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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Great job! I've had "Deady Bear" in my Ravelry queue from "Son of Stitch 'n Bitch" for some time. I need to give it a go I suppose.

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The first teddy I did was the "Blue Sky" pattern. This bear is HIGHLY modifyed, to the point of being original - different yarn, smaller needlle size, neck added, improved head shape, totally different ears,...