2 more scarves

I've been knitting feverishly for a few weeks on several things. These are the latest 2 items. The first is a Noro scarf in the feather and fan stitch pattern. It is my first blocking venture. I think I will be able to unpin? it today. The colors are amazing and the blocking really helps show off the stitches and eyelet. I photographed my favorite section, the orange portion. The next scarf I think I want to call the tux/evening scarf. The colors remind me of an evening out at the opera/theater. I used a YO, K2tog stitch pattern (I think they call it basic faggotting? Sorry guys. Not very fond of this word myself even though I am a straight man. Can anyone explain the reason for this name? Sorry, I digress.). The yarn is (I think) On Line 94. I acquired it in a bag of cast offs at a thrift store. It was very difficult to knit. The fiber was encased in a nylon tube which bunched up, stretched and got holes in it which the fiber came out of and made unsightly bumps. I am hoping it will get smoother with a bath and slight blocking to show off the stitches. I have another similar ball of yarn from my mother and am considering a YO stitch pattern for it as well. Maybe it will bring some money at the Bazaar in the fall. Any advice on working with this type of yarn would be appreciated. Also considering Etsy for a few items. Any tips for this would be helpful. I have a friend who does Etsy and hope she can help. Well have to go, taking my son to the Virginia Living Museum for a Dino exhibit today. Enjoy the pics.

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the stitch name comes from what is now archaic usage (In NOrth America, at least) of "faggot" a stick; particularly the type of stick that you got from coppices; and that were used to make fences and wattle walls.

the fences looked like rows of XXXXXXXXXXX - which is what the faggot stiches end up looking like.

And the name for the stitch LONG predates the derogatory use of faggot.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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thanks for the info. I feel better about the name now.

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The scarves are great Russell! I love the colors!

I've done quite a lot of research on the etymology of the word "faggot" for some writing I've been doing. Like Mario said, the original meaning of the word was "a bundle of sticks for burning," hence the slang use to describe a cigarette in the UK. Long before it made the transition to a derogatory name for a gay or effeminate male, it was used as a label for old women in Europe who gathered sticks to be used as starters in order to earn money or barter. During the European Inquisition, people (initially women mostly) who were thought of as participants in the super natural were burned at the stake or "faggot." It's been proposed by some gay activists that men suspected of homosexual acts were also burned (serving as the origin of the modern US derogatory connotation) and were used to "fuel the flames" when wood was running out. However, there is no actual documentation or evidence of that and it's not logical as homosexuality during that time was nearly socially acceptable by young bachelors in certain regions, albeit covert. Most historic sociologist believe it metamorphosed from the idea that many suspects of practicing black magic/paganism/witchcraft were also usually thought of as being sexual deviants. The first documented use of the modern day slang to describe homosexuality in North America was in 1914.

For me, at least, the word lost a lot of power and emotional stigma the more I learned of it's history. The term "faggoting" used to describe needlework doesn't offend me in the least and, as Mario pointed out, it was around WAY before its modern slang definition.

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Thanks for the history. I now feel better about the use of the word.

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They both look fantastic -

Re: Faggot - most of my Sydney mates have reclaimed the word. Nothing like having "Hey Faggot" (or Fag) shouted out accross the street by a good friend. certainly gets attention :)

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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Beautiful work, Russell. You are really taking off! It's amazing to watch.