Socks are done...and a question

The socks I've been slowly working on are finally done!  They are 100% alpaca and very cozy.  I'm pretty happy with them, they look nice and fit well.  The only thing I've noticed is that the second one is just slightly bigger than the first.  I think my guage was a little looser on the second.  Does anyone know if there is a way to safely shrink the left sock to match the right one?  Again, it's pretty minor, but if it's anyone has any tips, I might try to rememdy it.  Thanks everyone and take care!  -Ken

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just wear it on alternate feet alternat times

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The socks are very handsome! may find that after they're blocked or washed...they may be similar... Bill

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Are you sure your left foot just isn't a little smaller? Wink

You could hand-full a little bit in hot water, but you'd have to be really careful with agitation - maybe just swish it around a tiny bit. I make felted catnip mice from alpaca yarn to sell at shows for yarn money, and it will really felt down quickly. A little too much and the too loose thing won't ever be an issue again.

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That has happened to me also....I think we just get a little more relaxed and into the zen of it by the second one. I have always had better luck and less nerve with just blocking the smaller one out a little to match the bigger one. I'm not as secure with the fulling process....I would end up with cat toys instead of people socks.....good luck!

Those are beautiful socks Ken.  What's the yarn and did you have a pattern?

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Thanks Matt! I was quite pleased with how they turned out.  The yarn is Grignasco Top Print (color 078 I believe), 100% Alpaca.  For the pattern, I used the Basic Sock pattern from Nancy Bush's "Folk Socks"  Very easy and simple to follow.   

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Thanks Lars for putting it into perspective...well said!

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The socks are lovely and look ohhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooooo comfortable.  I have only knit one thing with alpaca and that was a vest.  So nice and soft but it now reaches my knees!!!!  I think the difference is in the character of the yarn and not your knitting. 

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Ken, I love your socks.  They look terrific!  (As do the legs attached) Innocent

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I'm agreeing with Warren here Wink about the socks, and the legs!

I've put off trying socks again since my first attempt, and finding out that my finglers just don't work well with anything smaller than a size 4 (even though there are sock patterns for that size needle!).  I'll try again some day.