Blocking pad--FYI

I had to block my Noro Scarf recently and had no pads to use. Fortunately I had an old camping pad made out of foam (the kind you use under a sleeping bag). It can be seen in the picture below with scarf pinned to it. I just thought I would let you know that it worked brilliantly to pin and block the scarf. And it is a cheap investment for all of you scarf knitters. They can be purchased in the camping supply aisle of Wal-mart for about $6.00. (That was the price when I bought it a few years back to use for doing sit-ups and the like.) So if you are in need of something to block on, and don't want to invest a great deal of money, try the camping pad from Wal-Mart. Works great for scarves and narrow stoles. You may need 2 or more for a shawl.

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.Thanks for the tip. The scarf looks great.

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That's a great idea.
When I blocked my last shawl, I used a quilt that I clamped onto my worktable to pin the work to. I've been meaning to pick up a set of interlocking gym floor mats but never seem to be near a place that sells them.
But I am pretty sure I have a camping pad in the hall closet somewhere.


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Cool idea!