knit in space?

I'm working on Fetching, from the latest Knitty, and it gives me this set of directions for the thumb:
"[...] there will be 7 sts below the opening and 6 sts above. Attach yarn and k the 7 sts on lower needle; using a second needle, pick up and k 2 sts in space between upper and lower needle, k first 3 sts from upper needle; using a third needle, k remaining 3 sts from upper needle and pick up and k 2 sts in space between this needle and lower needle. [...] "
Can anyone make sense of that "knit in space business"? It has halted my forward momentum.


Thanks, Michael. 

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Hi Michael.  When you're knitting the gloves, you insert a piece of waste yarn for seven stitches where the thumb will be.  When you're ready to knit the thumb, you remove the waste yarn which leaves an opening seven stitches wide.  If you look at it, there will actually be 7 live (unworked) stitches below the opening (towards the wrist) and 6 live stitches at the top of the opening or 13 stitches total which you should have on two needles.  If you hold the needles parallel and slightly apart to see the opening where your thumb will eventually poke through, it's almost shaped like a rectangle (the opening).  The short sides of the rectangle (where there are no needles) is the space they are talking about.  You just need to pick up a couple of stitches between the last stitch on one needle and the first stitch on the other.

Hope that helps.


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I had to do the same thing for a pair of fingerless gloves that I just finished (pics coming).  It was a tricky thing to do but like John said, you're basically picking up previous stitches to cover the gaps between the fingers. 

I think I can picture it now, thanks guys!